To Register for Kana:tso Band Membership, applicant must fill out an application. The application form can be copied from our web site and printed. For a mailed copy email us your address. Click Link For Application.   LINK1

To be entitled to Kana:tso Membership:

1. Applicant must descend from our Kanienkehaka Nation and Historical Rights Bearing Community Kana:tso Here in the Ottawa-Hull Region of Canada.

2. Responsibility or Onus of the Ancestral Connection is that of the Applicant.

3.Customary Band Adoption Requires:
(a) A Vote from the community and legal representative of the Band.
(b) That the Adopted individual lives by and respects the Customary Laws of the Band and Community.
(c) The Applicant if Adopted must Educate themselves on our Culture, Heritage and Traditions, (Example) Language, Spirituality, our History, customs and Activities.