Kana:tso Goals

1. Recognition and Consideration to our Lawful Right of Existence.

2. Acknowledgement of Entrusted Fiduciary Duty and Agreements by our Federal Government, Respect and Protect the Customary Legal Order witch Created the Terms Described Royal Proclamation, October 7th, 1763, Interpreted and Applied by Lord Mansfield at Campbell V. Hall, [1774].

3. Restoration of Language, Spiritual Beliefs and Cultural Practices as well as Land and Resources.

4. Improvement of Education, Health and Wellness.

5. Protecting our Traditional Heritage, Territorial Land Title, Resources and Environment from Pollution .

6. Protecting and Sharing our Band's Oral and Extremely Compelling Documented History.

7. Inquiry Investigation for Smallpox Death's and our Missing Children.

8. Eventually Participating in Canada's Social, Political and Economic Development.